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CBD Strawberry OG | CBD Buds | Next day delivery in the UK

CBD Strawberry OG | CBD Buds | Next day delivery in the UK

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CBD Strawberry OG - 14% CBD / 0% THC

Embrace the aromatic allure of CBD Strawberry OG, a natural delight available for both men and women in the UK. Sarah's CBD, renowned for its zero THC content, showcases this CBD flower as one of its standout offerings. Expertly handpicked, the Strawberry OG hemp buds are cultivated in nutrient-dense soil, ensuring they grow free from harmful herbicides and pesticides. As part of Sarah's CBD esteemed product line, this strain further cements the brand's reputation as a leading premium CBD provider, with a focus on meeting the diverse needs of all UK residents.

CBD Flowers Strawberry OG

Bursting with Aroma
Savour the sweet scent of strawberries with every inhalation. CBD Strawberry OG is not just a strain; it's an aromatic experience, beckoning memories of summer days and fresh fruit baskets.

100% Pure CBD Buds
Like all products from Sarah's CBD, the Strawberry OG promises nothing less than 100% purity. These buds are nature's very own, carefully curated for your wellness journey.

A Delight for All
While we cater specially to the women of the UK, the Strawberry OG is a universal pleasure, designed to be enjoyed by all. Its tantalizing aroma and gentle relaxation effects make it an excellent choice for everyone seeking calm and serenity.

Indica Dominant Blend
Let the calm waves of our Indica dominant Strawberry OG carry you to places of relaxation. It's the ideal companion for those moments when the world feels a tad too fast, and all you crave is a peaceful escape.

FREE UK Delivery on All Orders
And because we value your trust in us, we're ensuring that every order of the Strawberry OG, or any other product, reaches your doorstep without any delivery charges. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing Sarah's CBD.

Discreet Packaging
To make your experience even more seamless, we're offering FREE delivery across the UK. Every order, every time, delivered to your doorstep without any extra cost.


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