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CBD Kiss | Indica Dominant Strain | CBD Flowers & CBD Buds

CBD Kiss | Indica Dominant Strain | CBD Flowers & CBD Buds

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CBD Kiss - 10% CBD / 0% THC

Immerse yourself in the tender caress of CBD Kiss, a premium CBD flower available for both men and women in the UK. Sarah's CBD proudly presents this strain with its zero THC content, symbolizing both purity and potency. Each bud of CBD Kiss is meticulously handpicked, grown in fertile, chemical-free soils to ensure the finest quality. As a testament to Sarah's CBD's commitment to excellence, this strain stands tall, fulfilling the wellness aspirations of all those in the UK and beyond.

CBD Kiss - Gentle Embrace of Wellness for the UK

A Gentle Touch
With CBD Kiss, every moment becomes an intimate rendezvous with nature. Its delicate aroma and subtle effects offer a gentle touch, reminiscent of a soft, fleeting kiss.

100% Pure CBD Buds
Commitment to purity is at the core of Sarah's CBD. With CBD Kiss, you're getting 100% authentic CBD buds, carefully nurtured and harvested for your well-being.

Universally Appealing
CBD Kiss is a symphony of sensations, crafted not just for women but for everyone. Its inviting essence and beneficial properties make it a preferred choice for all seeking a harmonious balance in their lives.

Indica Dominant Symphony
Sink into the soothing harmonies of our Indica dominant CBD Kiss. It's your trusted ally for moments when you wish to dial down the noise of the world and bask in serene tranquility.

CBD Kiss is an indica-dominant strain loaded with the cannabinoid CBD. The strain offers recreational smokers a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1, meaning every smoke gives the user equal parts CBD and THC. Both of these contains cannabinoids. The strain contains between 5-11% of both THC and CBD. It has a strange but pleasant scent of sweet onions.

CBD Kiss is, at its core, a CBD-enhanced White Widow strain. The plants offers amazing resin production along with yields of around 400g/m². Plants cultivated outdoors prefer more of a humid climate and are moderately resistant to mold formation in such conditions.

  • Full spectrum cannabinoids
  • Contains CBD and THC ratio of 1:1
  • Organic white widow strain 

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