What Smoking Premium CBD Flower Feels Like

What Smoking Premium CBD Flower Feels Like

What Smoking Premium CBD Flower Feels Like

TLDR; An outstanding deal on some lovely CBD hemp flower. Delicious.

I, review CBD cannabis products, mostly vapes, but anything that's cannabis-related. I'm an independent reviewer. So unlike most content creators, I don't charge for reviews. I'm not making any money from this piece of content unless you buy. I tend to do free content and make money on products that I know when I love, and I trust.

In this blog, we're going to unbox and review the CBD hemp flower from Sarah's CBD. Another very popular CBD flower strain, these are the dankest CBD Strawberry OG nugs I found, and I can't wait to show them to you. These are legal. They contain no THC or minimal THC. Which means it's not going to give you an intoxicating high, it's going to relieve your anxiety, make you feel nice and not get you high. It'll relieve your stress. And available at £127 an ounce! This one is Sativa and uplifting. An outstanding deal on some lovely CBD hemp flower. Delicious. Purely delicious. Another excellent CBD flower strain by Sarah's CBD. Great prices, great product. On point, high quality CBD. Oh, It's also a bit gassy. It has a little bit of that that gassy tastes like a good CBD dank weed does. It has a nice light berry earthy overtones on the inhale and the exhale its light on your throat.

I wanted to show you the whole unboxing process because the documentation and the way that this is shipped is kind of relevant. I know a lot of people when I started talking about CBD weed and buying CBD hemp flower on the internet, people were cautious people were not wanting to buy weed on the internet. Even if it doesn't have THC in it, people are sketchy about this shit. And who can blame them because you're buying weed on the internet, you want to make sure that it's coming at you the right way. And I want to show you how the CBD comes.

Sarah's CBD does a beautiful job at their packaging. There's a notice in the box in case someone opens it, don't worry. It says it's industrial hemp, it's low THC, no issues here. I opened it from the bottom instead of the top, or they packed it upside down. What I like about Sarah's CBD is they include all this excellent documentation. Although this package may appear to contain marijuana, it is not. This is industrial hemp flour, which has been grown, harvested and sold in accordance with the law which is low Delta nine THC, blah, blah, blah, and there's documentation that says it's legit.

So look at the beautiful packaging straightforward to read labelling, adorable bag. All of Sarah's packages are completely smell-proof and "zip-lock", so you can feel safe knowing that it won't open up and let the fruity smell out.

So let's talk a little bit about this low THC strain, and then I'm going to smoke some! So all of Sarah's CBD products are lab tested, and I think this is one of their major selling points is displayed very clearly on the website and packaging. It gives you a full cannabinoid breakdown. So there are 15% cannabinoids in this strain. 12% are CBD, and the lab reports are all listed online for these products in a PDF where you can click it and see the full cannabinoid breakdown. Alright, now we've talked about the product specs, let us test some! I've had this now for about ten days and haven't opened it. It smells amazing.

CBD Strawberry OG Preroll

Let's talk about the preroll. This 1 gram joint feels like a little bit more than that, a nice fat kingsize! I love how it's wrapped. It's going to burn slowly. You taste the earthy strawberry flavour for sure. It's a nice light twang. Burns slowly the aftertaste is a lovely light mixture of earthy strain has like powerful berry overtones, this is nice and light. Overtones. I like the profile of the flavouring. It's nice and light when you take it in and also exhale. So this is something I can consume all the time. I may want to take a nap right afterwards hasn't been the case with the other two strings. And I don't know if it's in my head, or if it's something that's one of the cannabinoids or one of the terpenes but I've heard a few other people say that this way makes them sleepy too. Why am I talking so much? CBD makes me talky.

CBD Strawberry OG Flower

Let's bust-up this, this Strawberry OG, and we'll take a look it! I'm going to vape this, and I'll tell you all about the different flavours. I want to vape it and what tastes like.

Vaping CBD Strawberry OG

I've been vaping CBD quite a bit. I started vaping CBD last December or November, so about six or seven months now. I've been vaping it about half the time or a third of the time in place of my THC marijuana, I find that it reduces my anxiety significantly.

Like when I'm vaping CBD, I feel better about myself and my life and about my time and I, I feel like a better person. I feel more capable of doing things that I love, and I have less negative feelings.

I've been vaping CBD nugs about half the time a third of the time. What it does for me is it keeps my tolerance down it's important to me because as a daily constant, continual cannabis consumer, my tolerance goes through the roof and then when I want to get high, I can't get high.

So vaping CBD helps keep my tolerance down if I vape CBD nugs about half the time, I can lower my tolerance, and I can find myself getting a higher again it's nice.

So vapes are more efficient, more effective. I'm going to vape a bowl of this Strawberry OG, and I will tell you about the flavours. The CBD Strawberry OG is a sweeter fruity. It's not, really potent in the flavour department. It has a kind of a lighter, fluffier mouthfeel. It's nice. I like it. Like I said, not super strong in the flavour department, but it's subtle. It's sweet. It's fruity and aromatic.

In addition to that, it helps reduce stress and relieve anxiety. I've been sleeping a lot better while they've been CBD not like I don't vape it or before I go to bed or anything. Just the fact that I vape CBD during the day or throughout the day. Makes me fall asleep more comfortable at night. I know it sounds weird, but it's how it's been working for me; it has been a game-changer.

Real nice. I feel different. I feel affected by the CBD. I'm not high, not intoxicated. I feel a little more capable of being me and not having to be concerned about anything else. You know, like right now, I don't care if I'm talking differently. And if you're thinking differently.

This is a great gift to give someone as well someone is trying to get into the CBD space, and you're like, hey, try this brand. It is an uplifting bud. It's everything you're looking for in a CBD strain.
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